“Team Work” “Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.”  Have you ever asked yourself what’s the “key” to success? It’s not how talented you are or how much you know about a specific topic.  Often times a person can be gifted with many talents and strengths but if they don’t apply hard work to their talent nor have a strong support system they can be deemed destined to fail.  If you’ve ever move to a new city or even a different country you will have experienced this first hand.  When your new to a place, where no one knows you.  You will definitely feel the need for a good support system “A Team” of friends or family to help you reach your goals. Let’s imagine a really strong and skilled athlete who moves alone to a new area, they will arrive hopeful and excited with all of their talents and skills ready for action.  But if no one knows who them, or provided them help, they are limited in the thing they can do to forward their career.  In fact, they are missing a key factor: a good TEAM; people who believe in them, cheer for them, make them aware of his weaknesses and strengths and share and support their passion. Without this crucial factor their chances to fail increase and they can end up mentally and emotionally drained and frustrated.  We as humans are designed to be social and share our hopes and dream. It is indeed a beautiful blessing to be part of a team of people who believe in you, who share a passion and who will be a loyal support system, that they can turn to in challenged times and enjoy your victories with. As a mom I know there is nothing more valuable than having my kids to learn to stand up against bullies, learn that they can prevail when in difficult situations and all the while learning the value of friendship from having a strong team behind them that they can cherish and remember for the rest of their lives. Teaching this value early gives them a bright future and secures a happy, productive and successful life, not because they will conquer everything all the time, but because no matter if they lose or win the battle they will always value the importance of team. Here at Ultimate Self-defense Studio very proud to be part of an amazing team.  All of us support one another, not just in competitions but also while we train.  From the youngest of students to the older adult students, we are one big family who cheers for each other and who believe that we as a team can go as far as we set our goals to. Everyone has an important role, from the parent that invest their time bringing their children to not only learn a sport but to experience friendship, discipline and teamwork. To the coaches and instructors that find joy passing their expertise to their students.  Individually, we all count toward making this team a successful group, to be there when you need it.  Whether it’s on the mat training in competition or sharing a laugh while having a piece of birthday cake.  Teamwork and friendship goes hand in hand not only to benefit us and makes us stronger together, but also to gives us joy and fill our spirits and souls with a helping hand and heart to share our stories and learn from our mistakes.  A team keeps us focused and inspires us to conquer our goals.