Nothing at all, actually being confident is very important to achieve success and feel good about yourself in any aspect of life, since very young we need to feed our confidence and as parents it’s our job to give our children all the possible ways that they can have to build their confident level, especially at a young age. Every child need to feel secure of themselves and no one can bring that feeling more that their c close family, so if you’re looking for ways to build your kid’s confidence I’ll suggest you to take it to practice a sport, something fun that can excites him or her and that can give them the experience of a challenge  that based on their age, they can be able to conquer and feel good about their hard work. Make a plan, talk to a coach about how they can help your child built his confident, maybe it’s thru earning a new belt in Jiu Jitsu or maybe is thru a Soccer tournament that they can participate in or a Dance team where they can feel part of a show; that is for sure a positive and great way to teach them young about the pleasures of winning and learning that thru hard work, discipline and sacrifice. It’s very important that they can learn about getting a recognition for their good job and efford creating this way a sense of healthy confidence that anybody needs to move forward in life and being young is the actual perfect time to create and embrace this feeling but be careful growing up when we come across with the fine line between feeling  confident or letting the ego take place making them an arrogant person. There is this conflict that can occur when getting older when they can confuse  confidence with arrogance and when the Ego can play a big role in their lives. Teach them the differences between confidence and arrogance, make it clear so they can identify both feelings and learn how to work with both in a way that won’t let the negativity of arrogance take over their healthy confidence. Confidence is knowing your worth, feeling proud about your achievements but most importantly knowing that you have a place in society where your worth is valuable for others and your worthy skills should be put out there to serve as inspiration to others in any way possible and make this world a better place. Now arrogance on the other hand starts by knowing you are worth it but then take it all for you. When you are an arrogant you believe that your value is greater than others  and there for you are better than the rest of the people you are around, so you just use your talent to show off and to treat others like they should “worship you”, you are an arrogant that thinks that your value is just out there to be admired. It’s important to teach our kids that when ego comes into a play it can be our worst enemy, it can blind you and make you feel that you already know it all, and that my friend is impossible, you can be the best of the best but there is no such a thing as perfection. In sports and in any others aspects of life we need to know our worth, feel confident of our skills and level of expertise but always keep the feet on the ground and not let ego and arrogance take over ourselves. There is this saying: “When the ego dies, the soul awakens” it’s so important to know that Ego and arrogance are big enemies against our success and confidence is a healthy feeling that we need to practice with caution and responsibility.