Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the Martial arts me and my family fell in love with, we had try different other kinds of MMA classes like tae-kwon-do and others but the one that for sure stand out was BJJ. As a women who want to raise empowered little girls I wanted them ¬†to learn something that can be useful in a dangerous real situation and BJJ has become the one we learn gave us ¬†real ife- techniques that can be easily applied in the real world. I want to share with you 5 ¬†Important reasons why BJJ is such a different and special Martial Art: 1.You are investing your time and effort to something realistic.- BJJ is the best martial art for self defense, as a women I can feel extra confident to know that the sport me and my girls are learning can be come handy in possible bad situation. Bjj ¬†happens either standing up or on the floor and if you think about it most of all fights or assaults will end up on the floor, learning BJJ you can be sure that you are prepare if you end up with someone on top of you and you will know how to flip the positions and get out of your opponent, different that others Martial arts where you are only able to defend yourself when you are standing up and if you fell you are completely helpless.   2- BJJ trains your mind- Learning BJJ as become one of my favorite topics to talk with my kids, not only because I can see them learning cool tricks but because I get amazed about how their minds started to think. I love to hear my 10 year old preparing her ‚Äúgame plan‚ÄĚ thinking of different possible situations and how she will be able ¬†to turn them around so she can win.   3-The work out.- ¬†For me this one it was one of my favorite reasons, I can‚Äôt tell how much sweat I got from the classes, from the warming up before to the hard core intense strength I had to invest in learning and practicing. I especially love how BJJ ¬†involves my core muscles in every movement, that translate to a leaner-flat stomach, who doesn’t want that, right? 4- I can practice BJJ with my whole family- Since this is a sport for any ages I found a way to enjoy sharing our experiences between my 3 daughters and my husband, talking about spending quality time as a family, this is being one of the greatest ways to engage with my little ones. 5-You never end up learning- This is a very challenging Martial Arts Sport, when you think you got it all, you will realize you are just at the beginning of your journey, that, can be both difficult to accept but also a push to keep improving and gaining quality in your art. A sport that won’t let you grow or challenge you constantly is an easy game anyone can learn but a lifestyle that keeps you ‚Äúon your toes‚ÄĚ is what I think can last your whole life always remind you that you can expect to get better all the time.